The beginning of the exhibition "AUTOKINISI expo"

The exhibition “Autokinisi” started in September 1983, as “Car Salon”. The “Car Salon” used to take place every year and in the Parking of the Olympic Stadium from 1983 to 1986 and then in the exhibition center of OLP for 10 years until 1996. Mr. Aris Galanopoulos, who was also the inspirer of the exhibition, organizes the exhibition with absolute responsibility and wide acceptance by both participants and the public. Mr. Aris Galanopoulos was the inspirer of the exhibition.

In 1996 the exhibition was changed from “Car Show” to “Autokinisi” and used to take place every 2 years.

The exhibition “Autokinisi” became an institution for both participants and public. Despite the difficulties in recent years, importing dealers have consistently trusted the exhibition for their promotion and the public reciprocates the maximum with its response, as car shows have the highest traffic rate of all exhibitions in Greece.

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In 2014, car sales increased by 22%. The exhibition “AUTOΚΙΝΗΣΗ 2014” had a new. The exhibition is now co-organized by the company “Be Best” E. Charalambous – G Chrysospathis & Co. OE, renowned in the field of exhibitions and sales promotion. In the exhibition, new car models were presented for the first time in the Greek market directly from the biggest exhibitions abroad. In addition, a new opening was made in the field of car maintenance, care and accessories, constituting the most comprehensive exhibition in the automotive industry.

The market responded positively and after many years the majority of importers, representatives of big car manufacturers participated in the exhibition. After the successful exhibition “Autokinisi 2014”, the exhibition “Autokinisi FISIKON 2015”, came to upgrade this exhibition – institution. The reciprocation of the public exceeded all expectations, with 68,000 visitors and more than 6,500 test drives.

The exhibition “AUTOΚΙΝΗΣΗ FISIKON 2016″ was another milestone in the history of the exhibition, as the organizing companies joined their forces with the company Expa – Exhibitions Conferences, having as main goel the greatest success of the exhibition. Indeed, the ” AUTOΚΙΝΗΣΗ FISIKON 2016 “, which took place from 22 to 30 October 2016, with a record of visitors, more than 77,000 at the former Hellinikon International Airport (Olympic Fencing Centre). Despite the consequences of the financial crisis and the difficulties, the number of visitors proved successful exhibition was.


Despite the economic crisis, car and technology were constantly evolving, new car models were on the market and people were asking for information. For second consecutive year, three renowned exhibition companies with experienced executives, joined forces to co-organize the unique car show for 2017, in order to raise the bar even higher, meeting the expectations of car dealers and, of course, the expectations of visitors.

After Frankfurt International Motor Show (November 14 – 25, 2017), new models of the market presented for the first time in Greece at the exhibition “Autokinisi FISIKON 2017”, with the participation of the vast majority of importers-representatives of the most popular automotive industry, in a high level organization. People responded positively to a huge exhibition that allows them to see all the new models from the top car dealerships, and even to do a free Test Drive on the models that they wanted, with the visitors exceed 82,000.

The exhibition “AUTOKINISI EKO 2018”, the unique annual exhibition in the Greek market, took place from 10 to 18 of November at the former Hellinikon International Airport (Olympic Fencing Centre). In the exhibition, at the booths of car dealers and importers all the new models that were unveiled at the Geneva International Motor Show as well as those that had their world premiere at the Paris International Motor Show (October 4-14) were presented.

One of the most important characteristics of the Greek economy in 2018 was the strong upward trend in the sales of new cars. In the first quarter of 2018, the sales of cars that got license plates for the first time, increased by 27% compared to the same period the previous year. “Autokinisi 2018” was embraced by the Greek Importers – Representatives (members of H.A.M.V.I.R.).

“AUTOKINISI EXPO 2019”, the established exhibition of the Greek automobile market, took place from 9 to 17 of November at the former Hellinikon International Airport (Olympic Fencing Centre). The exhibition AUTOKINISI is now the strongest and most specialized in the car industry in Greece with international standards. At AUTOKINISI Anytime 2019 all the latest developments in the field of automobile worldwide were presented, offering to all visitors complete information about the car market.


In a specially designed space, with the participation of the biggest companies in the aftermarket of car, spare parts and accessories, products of workshop equipment and car maintenance, tires as well as lubricants were exhibited. The great success of the exhibition with the addition of the exhibition tent of European standards raised the bar even higher and increased the participations and the expectations of all of us.